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Simulation tool for communication training

Users practice with real-life online media in a private and secured environment.

Suppose there is an incident somewhere in/around your organization. Online media, such as news sites and blogs, have quickly picked up on it. Via various social media channels, the first pictures and reactions trickle in. Do your communication specialists really know how to act? And what does it mean for your organization if they do not act in the right way?

For your organization, it is important to handle these situations correctly. As the number one training software in the Netherlands, TOM is the perfect tool to help you do this. Users practice within a private and safe environment with real-life online media. Training with TOM is experienced as 'challenging' and 'truthful'.

Easy to use

Create a realistic training design in minutes. Simple and fast!

Real-life simulation

Fictitious messages are displayed between your current messages/events.

Up-to-date database

Choose from existing media sources in your region/country.

Perfect extension

Learn to handle online media appropriately for your organization.

Here's how TOM works

Prevention is better than cure. With that motto, we developed TOM. TOM is simulation software that allows users to experience outside pressure through fictional posts on well-known news sites and social media. For example, create a wave of tweets about one particular topic. Or post a sharp article on CNN and force users to take action and react.

With TOM, users get a good idea of sudden escalations. They learn how best to act in certain situations and to use online media so that it suits your organization. This way, you can be sure that your team will act correctly in the event of an incident.

Media sources

Our database consists of various media sources in your region/country.
New resources are added regularly.

Who is TOM for?

Our software is used daily by training agencies, specialists in media training, web care and crisis communication, and organizations with their own customer service, communication, or web care departments. TOM offers advantages for trainers and users of the tool.

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"With TOM, participants experience the impact of online media during a simulated crisis situation. Participants are enthusiastic about TOM, especially because of its realistic depiction of media."

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'Perception determines crisis'. So what would a good crisis exercise be without being able to reenact this perception properly! And that's exactly what you can use TOM for."

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