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Users practice with real-life online media in a private and secured environment.

In the event of an incident, online media spreads quickly, raising the question: are your communication specialists prepared to respond effectively? Failing to do so can have serious consequences. To maintain control, equip your team with TOM's secure training platform. It allows them to practice real-time responses, refine strategies, and make informed decisions. With this valuable training, your organization's reputation stays protected amid challenging circumstances.

What sets us apart as the leading social media training software in the Netherlands? Well, it's because TOM is the ultimate tool for honing your communication teams' skills. With TOM, users can engage in hands-on practice within a private and secure environment, using real-life online media scenarios. Our training program with TOM has been consistently described as 'challenging' and 'truthful,' providing an unmatched learning experience.

Easy to use

Create a realistic training design in minutes. Simple and fast!

Real-life simulation

Fictitious messages are displayed between your current messages/events.

Up-to-date database

Choose from existing media sources in your region/country.

Perfect extension

Learn to handle online media appropriately for your organization.

Here's how TOM works

Prevention is better than cure" in mind, we came up with TOM - a cool simulation software that lets users experience what it's like to face outside pressure through fake posts on famous news sites and social media. Picture this: you can create a whole bunch of tweets on a hot topic or post a bold article on CNN to get people to react and take action. It's a pretty neat tool!

By using TOM, you can ensure that your team is well-prepared to respond appropriately in the face of any incidents that may arise.

Media sources

Our database consists of various media sources in your region/country.
New resources are added regularly.

Who is TOM for?

Our software is used daily by training agencies, specialists in media training, web care and crisis communication, and organizations with their own customer service, communication, or web care departments. TOM offers advantages for trainers and users of the tool.

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"With TOM, participants experience the impact of online media during a simulated crisis situation. Participants are enthusiastic about TOM, especially because of its realistic depiction of media."

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'Perception determines crisis'. So what would a good crisis exercise be without being able to reenact this perception properly! And that's exactly what you can use TOM for."

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